The Trail

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the stick up gigposter trail : Brighton 2014

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CREATE – New England House (by the lower, South-side loading bay) BN1 4GH

This year we have secured this very slick and spacious gallery for THE STICK UP SHOP
…quite a coup let us assure you! Just a short walk from the station and The Green Door Store (see below), we’ve got two large rooms to hang the work in – more than rooms actually, think “eye-melting suites”.
A huge thank you is owed to Kenny, Siobahn and team for their co-operation and kindness… we hope that with the anticipated boost in attendance of festival goer and Brighton area public alike, with lots of good feedback and enthusiasm, we can secure this space again next year and perhaps host a stage!


THE STICK UP HOOPLA STALL! – Steine Gardens (by the Spiegeltent) BN1 1GY

Roll up, roll up, roll up, rock chicks and indiekids, for the one and the only, the artistical, the majestical, the amp-stack-tastical STICK UP HOOPLA STALL!
We are extremely happy to be getting a particularly big helping hand from the lovely Great Escape team this year, their biggest and most generous offering coming in the form of this quaint olde fayre stall beside the incredible wooden big-top that is the Spiegeltent! Commandeering the whole Steine Gardens site from the Brighton Festival for the duration of The Great Escape, this is where the organisers have opted to relocate their hub of operations – so, if you are a festival goer, you’ll not be able to miss us when you swap your ticket for a wristband. Great!


THE GREEN DOOR STORE – Trafalgar Arches (beneath the train station) BN1 4FQ

A cool, dark den where Brighton’s night owls, vampire bats, booty shakers and heart-breakers gravitate to… a loud and lively venue that has quickly written itself in the legacy of our seaside city…
Lots of work will be hung here over the bar – if you don’t think you have time between gigs to make it to the Stick Up shop then be sure to see a good sized haul of the posters here (then you’ll realise you’ll HAVE to peg it down to the shop to pick up a couple of your favourite pieces!)
*The Great Escape festival wristband required for entry during the event – but posters will remain up for a few days after (free entry)


With a pretty wild shtick all of its own, this colourful, crazy place in the heart of Brighton’s seaside is as fun as it is unique… we’ll be hanging some of the freakier / vivid posters at the bar for you to peruse while the bands fizz minds and warp eardrums downstairs in the basement. Just 2 minutes along the coast from the Stick Up Shop, you should be able to float on the Atlantic breeze as you enjoy the contact high.
*The Great Escape festival wristband required for entry during the event – but posters will remain up for a few days after (free entry)

Really Into gig-posters? work these spots of interest into your trail

THE GEESE PUB – Southover Street (not far up the hill) BN2 9UA

Home of the best bangers and mash menu in the fair city of Brighton, this splendid little boozer has a cracking display of screen-printed rock posters by Alan Forbes, Jeff Kleinsmith, Marq Spusta and Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables (the collection of Bobby the hard-rocking landlord).

ART SCHISM – Gloucester Road BN1 4AP

Run by a rag tag gang of seaside scribblers, sprayers, sculptors and seamstresses, this little gallery has a range of prints in the racks, including screen-printed concert memorabilia by Brighton’s surliest desperadoes.

THE WINDMILL PUB – Upper North Street BN1 3FL

Just a short walk westwards from Brighton’s centre (towards Hove) and you could find yourself enjoying a pint and a meal at this glorious boozer – one of Brighton’s favourite’s. Sitting in the sunny patio is nice, but step inside and check out the wall-to-wall artwork, in particular the collection of gig-posters by Tara McPherson and Brian Ewing (amongst others).

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