Poster-Maker Profile : Clint Wilson

screen printed gig poster for st.vincent by clint wilson of austin texas

Screen-printed gig poster : St. Vincent – Clint Wilson

We have a treat for the pop-pickers who are heading along to our poster show – how about some posters for Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift gigs? Yes yes yes!
That’s not the sum total of Clint’s work but it’s certainly worth a mention we feel…

Clint hails from Austin Texas and was one of the very cool and hospitable hosts to the travelling poster-makers who headed that way to take part in the Flatstock convention… so you know, there was an awful lot of bbq and beer going on over there – every night! It was actually tricky to get to see a band over there for all the ale and cooked meats flying around – wow.

So yes, we hope y’all will extend a hearty welcome to the posters of our transatlantic friend, come and grab a tube-full.

screen-printed gig poster by clint wilson for the get up kids

Screen-printed gig poster : The Get Up Kids – Clint Wilson

Look out for very professionally printed wares on good quality stock, they feel real good and are registered perfectly… there’s a real range of formats, including portraiture and textural space vistas

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