Poster-Maker Profile : That Girl

Johanna Wilson - That Girl - Toy concert poster

Screen-printed gigposter : Toy – That Girl

When Gary “Horse” McGarvey is whizzing round Liverpool’s Sound City Festival getting all the last minute things done, it has been on at least a couple of occasions Johanna Wilson who has been trusted to take the helm of the Screenadelica show (with help from her lackies, a host of other artists and volunteers – your humble Stick Up curator included).
Ambitious, feisty, hardworking and a lot of fun “That Girl” is going places – possibly via the offy and a record shop or two…

We were very happy to have her work brought down to display – there’s some pretty dark and moody psychedelia going on in there which is pitched perfectly for the bands she has chosen.

Look out for oscillating opiated waves and patterns that pull the eye around the design. Often, themes of magic and mysticism that drive her non-poster artwork creep into her poster work too – don’t get spooked!

That Girl Johanna Wilson printed a poster by hand to commemorate a concert by The Warlocks

Screen-printed gigposter : The Warlocks – That Girl

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Poster-Maker Profile : Horse

screenprinted gigposter by Gary McGarvey

Screen-printed gigposter : Deerhunter – Horse

Last year McGarvey the wonder Horse trotted into Brighton and, with the help of Lil’ Tuffy, hung almost half the exhibits at The Stick Up Shop completing the display just moments before we opened for business – our hero! It is also with his help (in his capacity as board-member for the API and head honcho of the very successful Screenadelica poster show) that we were able to secure so many trans-atlantic offerings for this year’s event.

A cheery fellow with a big heart and the bar-room stamina of a colossus, Horse is a powerhouse of the poster making scene, we are very chuffed to have him with us again.

Look out for sparsely inhabited ghost-town scenes faithfully depicting complex architectural features. Dreamscapes of a fevered mind most likely!

limited edition screenprinted gigposter by Horse : Pixies live

Screen-printed gigposter : Pixies (Green Variant) – Horse

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Poster-Maker Profile : Horse

Gary McGarvey - Horse : James Vincent fish pool poster

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : James Vincent McMorrow

Good friend Gary McGarvey (a man called Horse) left Donegal, Ireland and chose Liverpool for his base of operations… he has run a poster shop there, curated the Screenadelica gig-poster exhibition as part of the Sound City Festival and then launched it from there to Bestival, Orlando, Barcelona, Porto, Grimsby…
He is one glib whatnot, charming his way into some pretty amazing situations and then delivering the goods as promised…

Most of these profiles are a bit cheeky and mocking, this one less-so, the guy is dynamic and frankly “biscuit taking” – you have our respect Mr Horse

Look out for his killer line-ups, super quality printing and themes that often play with pattern, snowy distortion and almost vector-like architecture.

ferris wheel poster by Gary McGarvey (Horse) for WHY? playing in Liverpool

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : WHY? – Horse

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