Poster-Maker Profile : Das PosterKrauts (Collective)

concert print by Zum Heimathafen

Screen-printed gigposter : Glasvegas – Zum Heimathafen

Those inky Huns are back again! What an honour it is to have samples of their wares hanging on our walls and in our clubs – ’nuff said really.

. . .

In truth this is a shockingly brief bio as the number of these things we have to write is growing and so are the numbers of places to hang in – its getting difficult to keep up with all the duties! This remarkable body of work that The Stick Up has collected from Germany has frankly made this profile a daunting prospect – hence them being written about last!

What must be noted though is that debuting with the Posterkrauts’ postal tube to Brighton is the work of Zum Heimathafen – depicting soft and peaceful scenes with wandering souls ambling thoughtfully through the compositions…

Really do check out their link down there as the wealth of quality posters in their electronic vault is breathtaking – like a hot currywurst!

Look out for a range of work so varied in mood and style that it would be impossible to sum up in one bloggy sentence. (I bailed out quite successfully there don’t you think?)

Pixies screenprint by stick up exhibitor Lars Krause

Screen-printed gigposter : Pixies (red) – Lars Krause

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Poster-Maker Profile : Daggers For Teeth

smoking hearts gigposter by Craig robson

Screen-printed double tour-posters : The Smoking Hearts – Daggers for Teeth

“There are several different types of writer” I was once told by an editor, whose tight, uncomfortable little wing I was trying unsuccessfully to be nurtured under… “I like the meat and bones, concise and factual type of writer” he said, gazing down on me like a work-weary schoolmaster “not your ‘diarist’ style, where you seem unable to divorce your own sensation and experience from any subject you are asked to report on!” he continued, clearly unhappy that we were sharing the same air in the little office where we would meet each week.

The meat and bones of this here profile page is that Craig Robson makes good poster.

The bit I can’t resist telling you is that despite all the skulls and tattoo inspired/inspiring phantasmagoria, despite the ear splitting roar of the bands that these posters are for, I know (because I was there) that Craig – in his denim waistcoat with black-widowed gang patches – is petrified of losing at Jenga!
When, between swigs of beer, I haphazardly clawed free bricks near the bottom twisting everything above them by about 40 degrees, to my glee – Craig got the willies real bad!
On his turn he would circle the tower on tiptoe with beads of sweat forming on his brow. With a squeak he would tap away at the safest piece possible and, having placed it in its careful, balanced resting place, he would turn, take a couple of steps and only then allow himself his first breathe of the 2 or 3 minute ordeal.
Keep that in mind when admiring the craftsmanship of his posters kids – keep that in mind.

Look out for wreaths of roses a’drip with blood, hangman nooses and other classic ghost story artifacts. Craig’s use of line and it’s steady, almost cartoon-like weight is really what makes his work such a treat in this curator’s opinion.

Marmozets poster by Craig robson (Daggers for teeth)

Screen-printed gigposter : Marmozets – Daggers For teeth

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Poster-Maker Profile : Jacknife

Chris Hopewell Jacknife : Wilko Johnson screenprint

Screen-printed gigposter : Wilko Johnson – Jacknife (Hopewell)

Debuting this year at The Stick Up Poster Show is the work of a design studio / print-press / gallery space located in deepest darkest Bristol – well, Stokes Croft – just round the corner from the somewhat legendary nightclubs Lakota and Blue Mountain. We’re not sure if the Jacknife gang are the “throw some shapes” sort of outfit however, their posters (though varying in style) tend to be a celebration of all things gritty and rock – Top Dogs Chris Hopewell and Bear Hackenbush for example, both produce work with a key-screen that appears to be printed with motorbike oil!

We gather that along with their posters, there will be examples of artwork from the rest of the group – Rosie Lea, Ashley Clarke, Sepr and Tape Ears, but as this little profile is written, we haven’t yet had a peep at the outfit’s tubes. It is with considerable confidence however, that we can say quite plainly, the rock’n’rollers amongst you will most definitely enjoy their work.

Look for long tall posters with a characteristic black key-line (the last, outlining colour) and a throng of grease-bats, punks, pinball machines, hot rods and buxom biker chicks.

Bear Hackenbush poster for Dragster

Screen-printed gigposter : Dragster – Jacknife (Hackenbush)

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Poster-Maker Profile : Factory 43

indians poster by factory 43 seattle

Screen-printed gigposter : Indians – Factory 43

Bleep! bzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Bleep!
Factory 43 is a big old clanking, buzzing and bleeping press located in Seattle. Its shadow looms long over the city and the robotic drive-wheels never stop turning, cranking out editions of neatly drafted comical designs.

The last humans seen entering the gates in 2007 were Andrew Saeger and Veronica Velasco – according to concerned family members, they had packed lunchboxes with them but not enough that could have sustained them all this time…

Their signatures still appear on the numbered editions of gig-posters produced however and, whilst a little kooky (read gently twisted), the factory’s wares are still instilled with humour – the robots can’t surely have learnt that could they?

Look for collage and illustration hybrids of a Terry Gilliam-esque world whose populace of unfortunately proportioned wanderers, wildeyed critters, monsters and the fantastical machines they’re operating, don’t always work in harmony…

Seattle's Factory 43 : father John Misty gigposter

Screen-printed gigposter : Father John Misty – Factory 43

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Poster-Maker Profile : Scotty Roller

reverend horton heat poster

Screen-printed gigposter : The Reverend Horton Heat – Scotty Roller

We were so pleased to get a positive response to our participant invitation from this Nevada based poster-maker … this busy fella was not just selling his wares at this year’s SXSW Flatstock event but was promoting the launch of his latest project “Rock City Posters” which by all accounts will be Reno’s first gigposter gallery.

A thoroughly nice guy, (we hung out at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Flatstock in 2012 too) Scotty designs and prints posters that are not just simply concert memorabilia, or to use the more pedestrian term “merch”…
…no, his posters actually promote the shows, sell tickets and get bums on seats (and that, in truth, is pretty rare amongst Stick Up exhibitors).
Designing a piece that shouts to passersby, lures them, informs them and then is desirable enough to be bought by them at the show – well, the savvy and the negotiation skills required to do that deserve a good deal of respect. I hate to imagine how many “make the logo bigger” conversations that this guy must have had to take control of!

Bravo Scotty Roller – Roll on!

Look for posters steeped in the tradition of rocknroll show promotion, that display a long learnt balance of showtime information and imagery… though all of the Stick Up exhibits are examples of official band commissions none will “feel” more authentic than Scotty’s.

uk tour poster for the soul legend Charles Bradley by scotty roller

Tour Poster : Charles Bradley – Scotty roller

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Poster-Maker Profile : Adam Pobiak

sleepy sun concert print by Adam Pobiak

Screen-printed gigposter : Sleepy Sun – Adam Pobiak

Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, the mighty Adam Pobiak now resides in a giant cave beneath central London, strewn with exotic furs and echoing with the growl of his “Way-Out Thunder Plunder” playlist (which pulses hypnotically through distant speaker-stacks day and night).

After a hearty breakfast (possibly consisting of, judging by his towering frame, a brace of barbecued sightseers that have strayed too near his lair) Adam is fueled and ready to hand-print a couple of editions, each of around 200 posters (that’s quite a physical feat folks – no joke)…
If Adam does decide to stride across The Downs to attend the show, then hang out with him, have a beer and a laugh, but remember to run away in a zigzag fashion if he gets hungry.

Look for strong symmetrical compositions, with a metamorphic figure or visage framed with fluid psychedelic forms… Adam’s posters often employ skilfully mixed blends and are bridled with just enough restraint to not blow your mind entirely beyond repair…

psychedelic gig-poster by Adam Pobiak

Screen-printed gigposter : The Fabulous Penetrators – Adam Pobiak

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Poster-Maker Profile : Dan Bowden

brighton gigposter artist Dan Bowden at the stick up 2013

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : The Bronx – Dan Bowden

Not much was known about Dan Bowden to us till recently, our paths only crossing on one occasion we can recall, but his artwork has often shouted to us, tickling our attention, promoting or commemorating a slew of great rocknroll gigs… another local poster-maker, this guy is busy! It really would not be a representative Brighton poster show without this fella’s wares on display.

Look for manic, hyperactive illustrations adorned with writhing text… gutsy depictions of rockers, chicks and skulls all beer-soaked and rapturous.

skull poster by Dan Bowden

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Turbonegro – Dan Bowden

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