Poster-Maker Profile : Adam Pobiak

sleepy sun concert print by Adam Pobiak

Screen-printed gigposter : Sleepy Sun – Adam Pobiak

Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, the mighty Adam Pobiak now resides in a giant cave beneath central London, strewn with exotic furs and echoing with the growl of his “Way-Out Thunder Plunder” playlist (which pulses hypnotically through distant speaker-stacks day and night).

After a hearty breakfast (possibly consisting of, judging by his towering frame, a brace of barbecued sightseers that have strayed too near his lair) Adam is fueled and ready to hand-print a couple of editions, each of around 200 posters (that’s quite a physical feat folks – no joke)…
If Adam does decide to stride across The Downs to attend the show, then hang out with him, have a beer and a laugh, but remember to run away in a zigzag fashion if he gets hungry.

Look for strong symmetrical compositions, with a metamorphic figure or visage framed with fluid psychedelic forms… Adam’s posters often employ skilfully mixed blends and are bridled with just enough restraint to not blow your mind entirely beyond repair…

psychedelic gig-poster by Adam Pobiak

Screen-printed gigposter : The Fabulous Penetrators – Adam Pobiak

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Poster-Maker Profile : John Howard (Monkey Ink)

psychedelic poster art by designer John Howard : the stick up poster show

Screen-printed gigposter : Acid Mothers Temple – John Howard

It is a huge pleasure to introduce many of you to the wonderful psychedelic artwork of San Francisco resident John Howard. Wow.
Sadly he is too busy to attend in person, but the Stick Up curators have met him on at least three occasions (Hamburg Liverpool and Austin TX) and can reveal that despite the 3rd eye boggling, spirit guide unleashing, 20 000 volts of cosmic energy, John is an extremely calm, pleasant and easy person to meet.
He would forgive us we think for describing him as one of the scene’s veterans, but some of his collectors would probably prompt us to use the word shaman instead. It’s a great honour to have him onboard and we hope you’ll get to meet him next year (or next life).

Look for the confidence of an artist not afraid to wig out and play with weird pockets of the spectrum, often mixing them on undulating streams of lines influenced, we gather, by early totemic carvings.

John Howard's psychedelic posters will be showing at the Stick Up poster show in Brighton - part of the great escape festival 2014

Screen-printed gigposter : Nik Turner’s Space Ritual – John Howard

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