Poster-Maker Profile : Nick Rhodes

switchopen's concert poster for richard hawley

Screen-printed gigposter : Richard Hawley – Nick Rhodes

Well what do you know? We have managed to get one of the UK’s most established contemporary gig-poster makers on to Brighton walls this year – possibly for the first time since the very first Great Escape Festival, when The Basement arts foundation of The Argus Lofts hosted the seminal Sub-Screen Sonic poster show.

Based in his Switchopen studio in Manchester, Nick was one of the first UK gigposter artists that we knew of and certainly the first that we shook hands with. It’s great to have his work in the show and we’re pretty sure many of you will recognise his style as it has long adorned posters for such festivals as The Green Man and End Of The Road.

Look out for some posters depicting fairy-tale like bird-boxes, hot air balloons and arboreal scenes, and others that explore spookier themes – all busy with Gustave Dore inspired lines and hatching and all lit by some dazzling moon, distant nova or sparkling gemstone.

switchopen's gig poster for White Lies concert

Screen-printed gigposter : White Lies – Nick Rhodes

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Poster-Maker Profile : New Analog

toby whitebread's poster for the wailers

Screen-printed gigposter : The Wailers – New Analog

We kicked ourselves last year at The Stick Up’s launch when we realised (too late) that we had neglected somehow to invite Manchester’s Toby Whitebread AKA New Anaolog to participate.
That error was not repeated this year and we suspect that his work is going to go down quite a storm on the trail. A strong new(ish) contender on the UK scene, we’ve not yet met the man behind the work – but it’s great to have somebody involved on the scene that gravitates to the more dancefloor and scratch-deck end of the musical spectrum – notably quite a few reggae stars have been penned and proudly pinned in his portfolio and the penmanship is outstanding (if for some reason you need us to tell you that while two great examples hang either side of this paragraph).

Look out for very smartly rendered portraiture, dynamic, characterful and poised with attitude. Toby’s colour choices are often strong primary selections played off with a flat grey, lavender or similar giving his work a certain vitality (and well-founded confidence).

toby whitebread's poster for roots manuva (bestival)

Screen-printed gigposter : Roots Manuva – New Analog

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