Poster-Maker Profile : Telegramme

deer tick show-poster by telegramme studios

Screen-printed gigposter : Deer Tick – Telegramme

Well, it has to be done, so it may as well be now…

Here I sit, your humble Stick Up curator, monitor-lit and twitchy, in the scruffy clothes I woke up in, eating a cheap, supermarket frozen pizza and scratching my tangled barnet, thinking of ways to introduce the delightful work of poster-maker Bobby Evans AKA Telegramme.
I was going to begin by saying “he’s on a roll right now” but it appears he’s not ever been off a roll… other opener attempts found me struggling to choose which of the crazy string of lauding adjectives I had to edit to make a readable sentence. So, it was with a nod and a sigh that I resigned myself to admitting how very ungainly, disorganised and hapless I feel in comparison to “wunderkind” Evans.
(I’m being horribly unfair – if I said this with him in the same room he’d blush a very handsome shade of Tuscan rose …and then, instead of protesting even modestly, he’d put his arm round my shoulder and share his powers with me for a while – *sigh*)

Look for designs that really capture the charm of early screen-printed posters. The compositions, the text layouts, the colours – Telegramme Studios really have successfully nailed the popular “vintage” vibe.

telegramme studios' poster for Bastille : Stick Up Poster Show

Screen-printed gigposter : Bastille – Telegramme

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Poster-Maker Profile : Adam Pobiak

sleepy sun concert print by Adam Pobiak

Screen-printed gigposter : Sleepy Sun – Adam Pobiak

Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, the mighty Adam Pobiak now resides in a giant cave beneath central London, strewn with exotic furs and echoing with the growl of his “Way-Out Thunder Plunder” playlist (which pulses hypnotically through distant speaker-stacks day and night).

After a hearty breakfast (possibly consisting of, judging by his towering frame, a brace of barbecued sightseers that have strayed too near his lair) Adam is fueled and ready to hand-print a couple of editions, each of around 200 posters (that’s quite a physical feat folks – no joke)…
If Adam does decide to stride across The Downs to attend the show, then hang out with him, have a beer and a laugh, but remember to run away in a zigzag fashion if he gets hungry.

Look for strong symmetrical compositions, with a metamorphic figure or visage framed with fluid psychedelic forms… Adam’s posters often employ skilfully mixed blends and are bridled with just enough restraint to not blow your mind entirely beyond repair…

psychedelic gig-poster by Adam Pobiak

Screen-printed gigposter : The Fabulous Penetrators – Adam Pobiak

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Poster-Maker Profile : Luke Drozd R.I.P.*


luke drozd's flamingo design for belle and sebastian - bestival

Screen-printed gigposter : Belle & Sebastian – Luke Drozd

Luke was a firm favourite of The Stick Up team…
…we even said so in our poster-maker profile last year when we launched. A happy go lucky fellow who had achieved a great deal by 2013, most notably a great body of work, a catalogue of exhibitions and the nod of recognition and respect (though not necessarily fondness) from all his peers and contemporaries.

It is with a slight sadness, that we must report, that the whole of his life, till we last saw him certainly, was tainted by a poignant fear of death –

– and it still is! which is why wrote that like a little obituary column.

He is not a firm favourite of ours, but a stiff one – stiff not with death, but stiff with vigour and what some might fear is an unrelenting energy. Luke is to art, what a leg-humping fox terrier pup is to a pair of chinos. Go go go you mucky devil.

Look for clean and structured penmanship skills – characters, scenes and script all rendered with an apparent ease that surely comes from a life spent dissecting Topper, Dandy and Rupert The Bear annuals (though the themes are sometimes from quite a different shelf, below the counter).

josh ritter show poster by drozd

Screen-printed gigposter : Josh Ritter – Luke Drozd

*R.I.P. (rapt in plastacine)

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Poster-Maker Profile : Telegramme

serigraph - concert memorabilia - bobby evans - telegramme studio

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Michael Kiwanuka – Telegramme

Telegramme make some damn sweet posters, there’s no denying… there seems to be an effortless cool about each one that leaves us imagining poster-maker Bobby Evans swivelling in a big James Bond baddy chair at his subterranean London base, a daiquiri in hand, while gorgeous uniformed assistants mix the perfect vintage shades of ‘marshmallow pink’ and ‘swallow tears blue’ – *sigh*

Look for playfully scuffed, nostalgic colour schemes and sharp typographical layouts in a style harking back to pre-computer-age sign-writing.

best coast screenprint, limited edition - the stick up brighton 2013

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Best Coast – Bobby Telegramme

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Poster-Maker Profile : Posterkrauts (collective)

crystal stilts poster by fritte (skrash) - germany represents at the stick up (brighton)

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Crystal Stilts – Fritte

A riotous German invasion is under way, employing the simplest of methods to secrete themselves onto British soil – the postal service – and it was us who invited them ladies and gentlemen!
What with Hamburg having played host (most hospitably) to Europe’s biggest poster expo (Flatstock) for what must be approaching ten years now, it would have been quite wrong to not include work by these guys.

metz gigposter hamburg germany

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Metz – Mitchum d.a.

The 5 artists who are participating have sent some real treats in their own various styles…

Look out for Fritte’s dynamic graphic style, perhaps the result of his woodblock and lino-cut skills… for the vivid and somewhat deranged imagination of Mitchum d.a. (he’s quite a tinker)… for the long tall whimsical wall-pleasers of Grace Helly… for the soft and carefully considered blends of Senor Burns… and for the strong, traditional and frankly masterful graphic communication of Lars Krause.

grace helly serigraph rock poster

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Afghan Whigs – Grace Helly

In their own words :
“Churchill said ‘The Huns are always either at your throat or at your feet’ 

…If we might add, now you can also put them on your walls.”

screenprinted gigposter by senor burns - brighton stick up

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Ghostpoet – Senor Burns

douze studio, the stick up gigposter show - brighton

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Kreator – Lars Krause

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Poster-Maker Profile : Michael Cowell

queens of the stone age - brighton the stick up - great escape exhibition

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : QOTSA – Michael Cowell

If we didn’t know for sure that Michael Cowell came from Nottingham originally, we’d have suspected he landed in London after a battle in Asgard. Often making posters for artists from the darker, heavier, doomier parts of the spectrum we are impressed that his eardrums are still in good working order…

Look for posters encrypted with iconography, totemic imagery and mystic runes, there is some deeper story locked in the symbolism.

michael cowell josh t pearson, the stick up brighton

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Josh T Pearson – Michael Cowell

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Poster-Maker Profile : We Three Club

stick up poster show presents we 3 club

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Blood Red Shoes – We Three Club

‘Team White’ are the good guys, I mean – they are squeaky clean – totally fashionable, always presentable, cute, prompt, efficient and probably the best-loved and most popular folk we have ever encountered – this does not mean that their work is wussy however,
oh no…
Look out for freehand script, sometimes spattered wildly like boiling bile, and dark, moody controlled textures.

We really hope they’ll pop down to The Stick Up Shop, but if not, you may catch them curating their poster shows at Camden’s Black Heart.

we three club gigposter design for band of skulls

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Band Of Skulls – We Three Club

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Poster-Maker Profile : Luke Drozd

The Stick Up artist profile - luke drozd - SHHH

Screen-printed gig-poster : SHHH – Luke Drozd

Playful, affable, yet sometimes peculiarly sour, Luke comes originally from Derbyshire…
he studied in Leeds and now resides in London – though “resides” is really too docile a verb for him – extremely busy in the capital, Luke rarely stops making work, curating exhibitions and troubling the infirm. A firm favourite of the Stick Up team however, we’re very chuffed to have him on-board.

Look for clever overlays of striped, hatched or textured swatches of colour, natty hand drawn script  – oh, and careful renderings of icky things.

Serigraph designed by Luke Drozd to commemorate a show by Swans

Screen-printed Gig-Poster : Swans – Luke Drozd

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