Poster-Maker Profile : Luke Drozd R.I.P.*


luke drozd's flamingo design for belle and sebastian - bestival

Screen-printed gigposter : Belle & Sebastian – Luke Drozd

Luke was a firm favourite of The Stick Up team…
…we even said so in our poster-maker profile last year when we launched. A happy go lucky fellow who had achieved a great deal by 2013, most notably a great body of work, a catalogue of exhibitions and the nod of recognition and respect (though not necessarily fondness) from all his peers and contemporaries.

It is with a slight sadness, that we must report, that the whole of his life, till we last saw him certainly, was tainted by a poignant fear of death –

– and it still is! which is why wrote that like a little obituary column.

He is not a firm favourite of ours, but a stiff one – stiff not with death, but stiff with vigour and what some might fear is an unrelenting energy. Luke is to art, what a leg-humping fox terrier pup is to a pair of chinos. Go go go you mucky devil.

Look for clean and structured penmanship skills – characters, scenes and script all rendered with an apparent ease that surely comes from a life spent dissecting Topper, Dandy and Rupert The Bear annuals (though the themes are sometimes from quite a different shelf, below the counter).

josh ritter show poster by drozd

Screen-printed gigposter : Josh Ritter – Luke Drozd

*R.I.P. (rapt in plastacine)

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Poster-Maker Profile : Luke Drozd

The Stick Up artist profile - luke drozd - SHHH

Screen-printed gig-poster : SHHH – Luke Drozd

Playful, affable, yet sometimes peculiarly sour, Luke comes originally from Derbyshire…
he studied in Leeds and now resides in London – though “resides” is really too docile a verb for him – extremely busy in the capital, Luke rarely stops making work, curating exhibitions and troubling the infirm. A firm favourite of the Stick Up team however, we’re very chuffed to have him on-board.

Look for clever overlays of striped, hatched or textured swatches of colour, natty hand drawn script  – oh, and careful renderings of icky things.

Serigraph designed by Luke Drozd to commemorate a show by Swans

Screen-printed Gig-Poster : Swans – Luke Drozd

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