Poster-Maker Profile : Jemma Treweek

QOTSA show poster copenhagen - jemma treweek (brighton)

Screen-printed gigposter : Queens Of The Stone Age – Jemma Treweek

Brighton based Jemma is exhibiting with us again this year we’re pleased to announce!
Her fanciful swirling horses, dotted moths and marionettes are poised to dazzle and daze and we’re very sure that, as is always the case, a good number of the unwitting public will fall under her spell and reach for their purses – so, act quick if you spot a candied treat that would brighten some corner of your home…
…someone else will get their hands on your precious otherwise!

Look out for broken dolls, jeweled divas and petticoat-ed viragoes! All adorned with busy intricate patterns, slightlydelic swirls and more recently accompanied by the fairground-ride script of fellow Sussex artist Dan Johnson

she keeps bees concert poster by jemma treweek (the stick up) brighton

Screen-printed gigposter : She Keeps Bees – Jemma Treweek

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Poster-Maker Profile : Jemma Treweek

brighton poster designer Jemma Treweek

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : She Keeps Bees – Jemma Treweek

Jemma is one of only 4 female poster designers exhibiting in The Stick Up this year – we hope to address that balance in future shows, as this is not a totally male dominated industry… Anyhow, unashamedly girly, we think Jemma’s pieces will add a flavour that would have been missed in it’s absence…  parma violets probably.

Look out for bright attention grabbing colours and fanciful details that betray her background in textile and pattern design.

serigraph by J Treweek, featured in The Stick Up gigposter show May 2013

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : QOTSA – Jemma Treweek

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