STICK UP 2 : Son Of Stick Up (MMXIV)

Just when you thought it was safe to, not buy blu-tak???ok enough of that – needless to say, The Stick Up poster show is back for 2014…

Full artists lists to follow, an updated trail, some snazzy pics and promo packs, merch! woo-wee you must be excited.

OK it’s crazy late and this curator needs some sleep

(super brief) message end.

T.G.E. Festival Poster : Three Trapped Tigers

~Just a very quick post to tell you guys that Michael Cowell has produced a print for the Three trapped tigers show tonight at The Concorde2 – he will be selling these babies there (though a very small number are also being held at The Stick Up Shop)

3 colours (including metallic inks) £20 – nifty!

stick up poster show three trapped tigers concorde 2 brighton

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Three Trapped Tigers – Michael Cowell

Just 3 days to go!

We are nearing the mayhem!

what will the weather be like? sunny we hope… even if it pours down though, The Stick Up Shop is prepared, each poster purchase can be wrapped in a plastic tube to protect it from the elements (no extra charge of course)…

plastic poster tube available from the stick up shop Brighton

Clear poly tubing will protect your purchase.

That’ll get your prints back to the hotel room fine – but if you prefer to stay out all night and you don’t want to carry your newly bought posters around well then we can also provide a signed for (insured) postal service – you’ll be able to get your rocks off with peace of mind, having only to look after your receipt!

expect to pay £7 for UK delivery, £12 for European and £15 to anywhere else in the world!