Poster-Maker Profile : New Analog

toby whitebread's poster for the wailers

Screen-printed gigposter : The Wailers – New Analog

We kicked ourselves last year at The Stick Up’s launch when we realised (too late) that we had neglected somehow to invite Manchester’s Toby Whitebread AKA New Anaolog to participate.
That error was not repeated this year and we suspect that his work is going to go down quite a storm on the trail. A strong new(ish) contender on the UK scene, we’ve not yet met the man behind the work – but it’s great to have somebody involved on the scene that gravitates to the more dancefloor and scratch-deck end of the musical spectrum – notably quite a few reggae stars have been penned and proudly pinned in his portfolio and the penmanship is outstanding (if for some reason you need us to tell you that while two great examples hang either side of this paragraph).

Look out for very smartly rendered portraiture, dynamic, characterful and poised with attitude. Toby’s colour choices are often strong primary selections played off with a flat grey, lavender or similar giving his work a certain vitality (and well-founded confidence).

toby whitebread's poster for roots manuva (bestival)

Screen-printed gigposter : Roots Manuva – New Analog

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Poster-Maker Profile : Factory 43

indians poster by factory 43 seattle

Screen-printed gigposter : Indians – Factory 43

Bleep! bzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Bleep!
Factory 43 is a big old clanking, buzzing and bleeping press located in Seattle. Its shadow looms long over the city and the robotic drive-wheels never stop turning, cranking out editions of neatly drafted comical designs.

The last humans seen entering the gates in 2007 were Andrew Saeger and Veronica Velasco – according to concerned family members, they had packed lunchboxes with them but not enough that could have sustained them all this time…

Their signatures still appear on the numbered editions of gig-posters produced however and, whilst a little kooky (read gently twisted), the factory’s wares are still instilled with humour – the robots can’t surely have learnt that could they?

Look for collage and illustration hybrids of a Terry Gilliam-esque world whose populace of unfortunately proportioned wanderers, wildeyed critters, monsters and the fantastical machines they’re operating, don’t always work in harmony…

Seattle's Factory 43 : father John Misty gigposter

Screen-printed gigposter : Father John Misty – Factory 43

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Poster-Maker Profile : Telegramme

deer tick show-poster by telegramme studios

Screen-printed gigposter : Deer Tick – Telegramme

Well, it has to be done, so it may as well be now…

Here I sit, your humble Stick Up curator, monitor-lit and twitchy, in the scruffy clothes I woke up in, eating a cheap, supermarket frozen pizza and scratching my tangled barnet, thinking of ways to introduce the delightful work of poster-maker Bobby Evans AKA Telegramme.
I was going to begin by saying “he’s on a roll right now” but it appears he’s not ever been off a roll… other opener attempts found me struggling to choose which of the crazy string of lauding adjectives I had to edit to make a readable sentence. So, it was with a nod and a sigh that I resigned myself to admitting how very ungainly, disorganised and hapless I feel in comparison to “wunderkind” Evans.
(I’m being horribly unfair – if I said this with him in the same room he’d blush a very handsome shade of Tuscan rose …and then, instead of protesting even modestly, he’d put his arm round my shoulder and share his powers with me for a while – *sigh*)

Look for designs that really capture the charm of early screen-printed posters. The compositions, the text layouts, the colours – Telegramme Studios really have successfully nailed the popular “vintage” vibe.

telegramme studios' poster for Bastille : Stick Up Poster Show

Screen-printed gigposter : Bastille – Telegramme

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Poster-Maker Profile : Michael Cowell

stick up poster show three trapped tigers concorde 2 brighton

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Three Trapped Tigers – Michael Cowell

There has been an eerie calm from the Cowell camp poster-wise recently, the cawing of ravens and a slow grinding of pencil-sharpener blades being the only indication that the bearded doom-lord was still at work somewhere in his mossy den. Turns out he has been very busy with record sleeve and tee shirt designs (for suitably heavy merchants of rock naturally).
So we once again chalked the circle, burnt the offerings and did the drunken dance that summons him – and, he who cannot be shaved has answered… black tidings sunny Brighton, black tidings.

Look out for gaunt and earnest avatars of esoteric knowledge, adorned with ancient sigils and blasphemous runes that possibly spell out the end of days!

this will destroy you poster by michael cowell - stick up poster show brighton

Screen-printed gigposter : This Will Destroy You – Michael Cowell

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Poster-Maker Profile : Scotty Roller

reverend horton heat poster

Screen-printed gigposter : The Reverend Horton Heat – Scotty Roller

We were so pleased to get a positive response to our participant invitation from this Nevada based poster-maker … this busy fella was not just selling his wares at this year’s SXSW Flatstock event but was promoting the launch of his latest project “Rock City Posters” which by all accounts will be Reno’s first gigposter gallery.

A thoroughly nice guy, (we hung out at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Flatstock in 2012 too) Scotty designs and prints posters that are not just simply concert memorabilia, or to use the more pedestrian term “merch”…
…no, his posters actually promote the shows, sell tickets and get bums on seats (and that, in truth, is pretty rare amongst Stick Up exhibitors).
Designing a piece that shouts to passersby, lures them, informs them and then is desirable enough to be bought by them at the show – well, the savvy and the negotiation skills required to do that deserve a good deal of respect. I hate to imagine how many “make the logo bigger” conversations that this guy must have had to take control of!

Bravo Scotty Roller – Roll on!

Look for posters steeped in the tradition of rocknroll show promotion, that display a long learnt balance of showtime information and imagery… though all of the Stick Up exhibits are examples of official band commissions none will “feel” more authentic than Scotty’s.

uk tour poster for the soul legend Charles Bradley by scotty roller

Tour Poster : Charles Bradley – Scotty roller

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Poster-Maker Profile : Adam Pobiak

sleepy sun concert print by Adam Pobiak

Screen-printed gigposter : Sleepy Sun – Adam Pobiak

Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, the mighty Adam Pobiak now resides in a giant cave beneath central London, strewn with exotic furs and echoing with the growl of his “Way-Out Thunder Plunder” playlist (which pulses hypnotically through distant speaker-stacks day and night).

After a hearty breakfast (possibly consisting of, judging by his towering frame, a brace of barbecued sightseers that have strayed too near his lair) Adam is fueled and ready to hand-print a couple of editions, each of around 200 posters (that’s quite a physical feat folks – no joke)…
If Adam does decide to stride across The Downs to attend the show, then hang out with him, have a beer and a laugh, but remember to run away in a zigzag fashion if he gets hungry.

Look for strong symmetrical compositions, with a metamorphic figure or visage framed with fluid psychedelic forms… Adam’s posters often employ skilfully mixed blends and are bridled with just enough restraint to not blow your mind entirely beyond repair…

psychedelic gig-poster by Adam Pobiak

Screen-printed gigposter : The Fabulous Penetrators – Adam Pobiak

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Poster-Maker Profile : Sam Chivers

sam chivers' fort rox festival poster (newhaven) : British Sea Power

Screen-printed gigposter : British Sea Power – Sam Chivers

Sam is one of our very favourite human beings. A methodical explorer of numerous media, a dedicated recorder of the universe, a serious analyst of the quirky and a devoted measurer of the soul – he’s too busy on his current artistic musings to pander to the egos of rockstars and the fickle whims of divas, so his flirtation with the gigposter scene has so far been brief and intermittent – but that doesn’t diminish the care and attention he applied to each of the pieces he designed and printed, no – not one jot.

This year then, enjoy what is almost a retrospective of Mr. Chivers’ gigposter career to date (we think his current course is bound with such earnest gravity to the centre of his internal cosmos, that a whimsical poster for some troupe of happy go lucky troubadours is an increasingly unlikely event – or are we writing that with the hope of goading him into poster action once more?).

Look for tricky-to-print parallel / concentric stripes – thin like radio waves or thick like the multicoloured strata of an undulating hillside. Sam’s use of type is often framed with vintage matchbox ornamentation or other such Victoriana, whether neat and formal, or collaged with apparent, casual glee.

THE STICK UP BRIGHTON - screenprinted posters by Sam chivers

Screen-printed gigposter : Gloria Cycles

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Poster-Maker Profile : Kii Arens

Kii Arens concert poster for Motorhead - Lalaland

Lithographic gigposter : Motorhead – Kii Arens

Now, listen up… The Stick Up poster show is billed as a screen-printed gig-poster exhibition, a display of handcrafted concert memorabilia – live event artwork printed by hand – but! slipping through the net this year we have a one off exception in the form of Kii Arens and his collection of lithographic works
…and what an exceptional exception this guy is!

Not much was known of him at all by your humble curators though some of his slick and schlocky images had certainly been made familiar during our research of the scene over the past few years. Quite the dandy, the lithos (with their total lack of the colour restraints a screenprinter usually works to) are a vivid testament to the wild career Kii appears to be enjoying – hell! he’s got Beyonce and Fleetwood Mac in his client list!
So let us put aside any woolly jumpered snobbery of “the craft” and let these bold and saucy pieces dazzle us a while.

Look out for a wild unrestricted range of imagery – on the one hand, brash, technicolor lampoons of 20th Century advertising, playful, kitsch and sleazy movie posters etc, while on the other hand, sharp clean illustrations with a pop art vibe.

depeche mode gigposter by kii arens

Lithographic gigposter : Depeche Mode – Kii Arens

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Poster-Maker Profile : Horse

screenprinted gigposter by Gary McGarvey

Screen-printed gigposter : Deerhunter – Horse

Last year McGarvey the wonder Horse trotted into Brighton and, with the help of Lil’ Tuffy, hung almost half the exhibits at The Stick Up Shop completing the display just moments before we opened for business – our hero! It is also with his help (in his capacity as board-member for the API and head honcho of the very successful Screenadelica poster show) that we were able to secure so many trans-atlantic offerings for this year’s event.

A cheery fellow with a big heart and the bar-room stamina of a colossus, Horse is a powerhouse of the poster making scene, we are very chuffed to have him with us again.

Look out for sparsely inhabited ghost-town scenes faithfully depicting complex architectural features. Dreamscapes of a fevered mind most likely!

limited edition screenprinted gigposter by Horse : Pixies live

Screen-printed gigposter : Pixies (Green Variant) – Horse

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Poster-Maker Profile : John Howard (Monkey Ink)

psychedelic poster art by designer John Howard : the stick up poster show

Screen-printed gigposter : Acid Mothers Temple – John Howard

It is a huge pleasure to introduce many of you to the wonderful psychedelic artwork of San Francisco resident John Howard. Wow.
Sadly he is too busy to attend in person, but the Stick Up curators have met him on at least three occasions (Hamburg Liverpool and Austin TX) and can reveal that despite the 3rd eye boggling, spirit guide unleashing, 20 000 volts of cosmic energy, John is an extremely calm, pleasant and easy person to meet.
He would forgive us we think for describing him as one of the scene’s veterans, but some of his collectors would probably prompt us to use the word shaman instead. It’s a great honour to have him onboard and we hope you’ll get to meet him next year (or next life).

Look for the confidence of an artist not afraid to wig out and play with weird pockets of the spectrum, often mixing them on undulating streams of lines influenced, we gather, by early totemic carvings.

John Howard's psychedelic posters will be showing at the Stick Up poster show in Brighton - part of the great escape festival 2014

Screen-printed gigposter : Nik Turner’s Space Ritual – John Howard

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