For our very first Stick Up event, we got the official endorsement and go ahead rather later than hoped from the Great Escape Festival organisers (they are very busy people, this is certainly NOT a grumble) …with little time to secure a good sized site for the large number of posters we were getting mailed to us, we opted for a small range of sites, hanging work high in a couple of key busy festival venues (namely The Green Door Store & Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar) …the trail was born!

For a base of operations (HQ and shop) we hired the wonderful Super Super which was not only a nice combination of quaint and slick, but was located very neatly beside the Queen’s Hotel, a mainstay for a good majority of the festival’s conference delegates and media. Boy was it a good space! Thanks go to Claire and Amy for their assistance, their cheery smiles and their much appreciated tea urn.

Click here to view a photo gallery of The Stick Up 2013

Click here to meet the makers whose posters were on show in 2013

Click here to read the makers’ band selections in 2013
(see who backed the winners and who picked the Coldplay)

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