Bands! (2013)

We thought we’d ask each Stick Up poster-maker which bands they were excited to be catching, gutted they were missing or wished to see on the roster… Their replies are getting posted and linked here as we receive them so keep checking back for their recommendations.

Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

“This year we’d recommend Tall Ships, Arrows Of Love oh and Tigercub if you can find them – think they’re on the Boon magazine stage at Fitzherbert’s for the Alternative Escape… it would be truly great to have The High Plane Drifters in Brighton one year – we might put them on actually, they were outstanding at the Dirty Water Club a while back, all valve amp growl and tangled leads – plus Vasco Da Gama would be perfect for The Great Escape, they were ace up at Liverpool Sound City at the Screenadelica stage.”

Lil’ Tuffy

“Looking forward to seeing Marmozets – caught them in Liverpool last week. I haven’t seen Murder By Death in a few years but – hope to catch them as well. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is great live too”

Dan Bowden

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. Brighton legends, haven’t seen them since they reformed so it’s been a good few years. Aside them, can’t wait to see Axes who’re playing an alternative escape show, I’ve heard good things about Damerels and they sound up my street too. I’d love to see Thermals playing, or the Night marchers (the newest band of Drive Like Jehu’s John Reis) and a band not so many people will have heard – Rozwell Kid – totally unfashionable 1990’s powerpop weezer/nada surf style – both their albums have been on heavy rotation for the last year or so and really hope they make it to the UK one day.”

“At this years Great Escape my upbeat party pick has to be
ZA! They have a new record coming out soon and are a slice of joyous bonkers cake. For my more reserved and introspective pick, I’m going to go with Dean Mcphee. Haunting, complex and frankly stunning compositions for guitar that I have yet to experience live. At next years Great Escape I would like to see any of the following asked to play: Massive Hammer, Jimmy’s Grapes, Sexual and the Predators, (Parenthesis), White Knuckle Sandwich.”

Jemma Treweek

“I wanna see Drenge ’cause they from Sheff and they shred massive, Deap Valley ’cause If I don’t get to do them a poster – I might die, and Arrows of love… Just ’cause.”

PosterKraut Torsten (Mitchum d.a.)

“From that line up I know maybe 4 names all together, and that includes Billy Bragg, who probably is the only one from the line up that is older than me, which is no reason for a recommendation.

I just see it as a kind of poetic justice:  Billy Bragg is alive, and Thatcher is dead.”

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