Poster-Maker Profile : Factory 43

indians poster by factory 43 seattle

Screen-printed gigposter : Indians – Factory 43

Bleep! bzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Bleep!
Factory 43 is a big old clanking, buzzing and bleeping press located in Seattle. Its shadow looms long over the city and the robotic drive-wheels never stop turning, cranking out editions of neatly drafted comical designs.

The last humans seen entering the gates in 2007 were Andrew Saeger and Veronica Velasco – according to concerned family members, they had packed lunchboxes with them but not enough that could have sustained them all this time…

Their signatures still appear on the numbered editions of gig-posters produced however and, whilst a little kooky (read gently twisted), the factory’s wares are still instilled with humour – the robots can’t surely have learnt that could they?

Look for collage and illustration hybrids of a Terry Gilliam-esque world whose populace of unfortunately proportioned wanderers, wildeyed critters, monsters and the fantastical machines they’re operating, don’t always work in harmony…

Seattle's Factory 43 : father John Misty gigposter

Screen-printed gigposter : Father John Misty – Factory 43

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