Poster-Maker Profile : Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

brighton print studio petting zoo prints & collectables' screenprinted poster for bat for lashes

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Bat for Lashes – Petting Zoo

Curators of The Stick Up and so therefore writers of this profile, Petting Zoo are a bit uncomfortable singing their own praises, especially when writing so obviously in the third person…
We were going to paste testimonies to our modest magnificence here but wading through them all, it occurred to us that they each read ‘a little starstruck’ (understandably).

Look for fun / twisted critters cut ‘chonkily’ from planes of flat colour and then peppered with texture.

Petting Zoo posters commemorating sold out shows at the Coronet and Forum, London

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Alabama Shakes – Petting Zoo

Click here for Petting Zoo’s studio blog

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