Poster-Maker Profile : Handcooked Posters

idlewild concert poster, handcooked

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Idlewild – Handcooked Posters

Hailing from where it hails a lot comes an old friend of ours, Douglas Walker of Scotland’s Handcooked Posters. Some years ago we remember him posting pics of an amazing print lodge he’d built at the bottom of his garden – It looked like a pinewood sauna, but the only thinning going on inside would be the powerfully noxious oil-based inks. We’re not saying that Doug’s the sort of guy who’d want to get high on the heady fumes, but I definitely remember seeing a wee beer fridge tucked in one corner – living the dream Douglas, Stirling work!

Look out for tall slim “bill” posters and the interesting compositions that format dictates, also check how nice that oil based ink smacks in the light!

Admiral Fallow serigraph, limited edition print

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Admiral Fallow – Handcooked Posters

Click here for Handcooked Poster’s site

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