Poster-Maker Profile : We Three Club

stick up poster show presents we 3 club

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Blood Red Shoes – We Three Club

‘Team White’ are the good guys, I mean – they are squeaky clean – totally fashionable, always presentable, cute, prompt, efficient and probably the best-loved and most popular folk we have ever encountered – this does not mean that their work is wussy however,
oh no…
Look out for freehand script, sometimes spattered wildly like boiling bile, and dark, moody controlled textures.

We really hope they’ll pop down to The Stick Up Shop, but if not, you may catch them curating their poster shows at Camden’s Black Heart.

we three club gigposter design for band of skulls

Screen-Printed Gig-Poster : Band Of Skulls – We Three Club

Click here for the We Three Club site

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