A Trail Of Crumbs : Mochi

Building a web-thing in a hurry is gruelling work, especially if you are used to a pretty active ranch / studio life …you have to keep your energy up so your enthusiasm doesn’t wane…

Today I was feeling pretty wobbly with the “no jerky” trail trekking blues…
I did get some food eventually – but for a few hours the only fuel that was in the tank was a couple of these little buggers : Black Sesame Mochi – “from that Japan”

black sesame mochi

“If a fig roll had relations with a bird feeder”

Whilst it is difficult to understand why this recipe works (they are strangely alluring), your blogger feels compelled to share his findings, not because of their peculiar flavour, but because just two of these little morsels kept the engine ticking over for around 4 hours!

The arranged poster program shall resume shortly …thank you for allowing us this brief distraction

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